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Welcome to Cox Seafood Market. Family owned and operated, serving up local fish caught fresh daily to the Tampa Bay area since 1976

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Enjoy succulent locally caught seafood from a wide variety of whole fish and filets. 

The next time you want to enjoy truly tasty seafood, contact us.  Just give us a call to order ahead for steamed lobsters or shrimp and we’ll have it ready in no time. 

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About Cox's Seafood Market

We have been offering the highest quality and largest selections of fresh fish and seafood in the Tampa Bay area since 1976. Through the years, many things in Tampa have changed, but little has changed at Cox's Seafood Market. We are still at the same location, have the same owners, and same high standards for years to come. 

At Coxs seafood market, we provide you with the best quality seafood from our boats to your families table.

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Contact us for recipe ideas when preparing fish bought at our seafood market.

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